subway surfers chatacters

Subway Surfers is a fun and entertaining game filled with lots of obstacles for the players to clear along their journey. Along with a bunch of obstacles, several characters in the game consists of their strengths and weaknesses, respectively. Following is a list of characters in the game.


Jake is often called as the spirit and leader of the subway surfers. He is the most confident character in the game, which makes him stand out of the rest. He is the most charming character well known for his restless and reckless attitude.

Jake is so creative that he is always immersed in the thoughts of doing something cool. He is always busy in learning a new skating trick or in street art.


As it goes with her name, she is the most intelligent character of the game, which makes her the Brain cell of the surfers. Her analytical skills are impeccable. She is also famous as a good friend but not a good follower.

She loves perfection, especially when it comes to breaking dancing in which she is the best.  Precision is her core strength, and skating tricks are the ones in which she is a master.


The best word to describe him is that he is a music savant. The unique thing about Fresh is that he always converses through his boom box only. He is a genius character as well as a tremendous perceptive.

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Fresh is famous as a glue to the surfers as he is the one who keeps all the surfers together. He is a deep thinker, and his songs tell what message he wants to convey to the people.


She is popularly known as the tech genius of the surfers. She is obsessed with science and loves experimenting with new things. She also thinks that she does not belong to this world to which her friends find amusing.


Spike looks a lot like a teenage punk rocker whose hairstyle changes as soon as his outfit changes. The unique thing about this character is that his outfit changes according to the different music genres playing around.


Frank always wears a black suit with a black tie and a rabbit mask on his full face. To unlock frank, you will require 20000 coins. To open his first outfit, you need to spend 12 key, and for the second one, you will require 30 keys.


Frizzy is a character which costs around 15000 coins to be unlocked. As per the coins, she is considered as the most expensive female character in Subway Surfers.

Rasta outfit is the first outfit of Frizzy which costs about 15 costs and the second outfit is called the gold outfit which requires around 30 keys. Her hairstyle changes accordingly as per the outfit she wears.


This character can be unlocked with 80000 coins and is a fat boy who usually wears a beige paper crown. He also has two outfits, and one of them is called the Count outfit, which can be unlocked with 15 keys, and the other one is the royal outfit which costs 30 keys.