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Subway surfers is a fun and entertaining game built for the users who are madly in love with obstacles based fun games. The game allows users to join the fun journey passing through trains yards, paint spraying, and many more exciting obstacles ready to be unlocked with each passing level.

For all those looking for some Subway Surfers hack, here we have some tips to help you out through the game and to claim victory.

12 Best Subway Surfers Hack And Cheats to Earn Unlimited Coins Keys

1. Keep Dodging Rather Than Jumping

In this subway surfers cheat, we are going to tell you the essential trick which will be going to help you at each level of the game. There are several Subway Surfers cheats, which a player can you and one of them is to keep running by swiping down the screen rather than doing an awkward jump.

As soon as you understand that you are going to land up awkwardly, you can choose to wipe down the screen and continue with your run. Other than that, you can also move left and right by swiping left or right the screen.

This trick will help you to save yourself from falling into the trap of any subway surfers mod apk earn rewards legitimately.

2. Get Your Free Miami Special Board

In this Subway Surfers Cheats, we are going to tell a simple trick that can help you get you a Free Miami Special Board earlier than the actual time. Here all you need to do to change the date of your system. Now go to the Boards section of the game and claim you free Miami Special board there.

Rather than choosing for any Subway surfers cheat codes, you can earn rewards and unlock exciting new items in the game from these tips and tricks.

3. Run-On The Trains

It is always better for you to keep on running the train rather than staying on the ground. Staying on the track has a high chance of getting you into trouble. You will be more prone to obstacles while staying there rather than staying on the trains. You might end up hitting by a train or a hindrance by staying on the ground.

So it is always preferred to keep running over the train instead of running on the ground. This Subway surfer hack will help you to stay away from all the obstacles waiting for you on the grounds.

4. Never Forget To Activate Your Hoverboards

This Subway surfer cheats require a player always to remember to activate your hoverboards while doing your run. The most significant benefit of having a hoverboard active is to extend your sprint and inexpensively.

Always make sure that your hoverboards are activated whenever you doubt that you are about to crash or fall otherwise, the Subway Surfers Cheats will not work correctly.

5. Make Your Hoverboards Go Invisible

There are several Subway Surfers cheats which will help you to stay away from all the illegitimate sources of earning coins like using subway surfers coin hacks. Instead, you can use these tricks to earn enough coins and rewards in the game.

In this subway surfer cheat, all you need to do is to start playing the game and then die within a few seconds. In this way, click the Mega Headstart just before you think you are going to die. In this way, you will start flying back as soon as you click the Mega headstart.

6. Use Your Keys Carefully

Keys are a vital element in Subway surfers. To keep yourself in the game for a long time, you need to have unlimited keys and coins for subway surfers so you can use them at the time when you are wiped out.

In this Subway Surfers hack, keys are used at times when you are wiped out from the game in any manner. But that doesn’t mean you can use them every now then. You have to maintain a sufficient stock of keys so you can use those at the most critical times.

This Subway Surfers hack allows you to keep enough amount of keys as the number of Keys will begin multiplying after each use; one key is required for the first extension, two for the second one, and four for the third one.

This way, the number of keys required for each extension will keep on adding, which will become tough to collect after a particular stage. So it is better to use them wisely.

7. Watch Commercials

The next Subway Surfers cheats we are going to tell you here is to watch advertisements to earn coins and rewards. Rather than using any Cheat codes for subway surfers, you can continue using our tricks to make a steady amount of rewards.

However, there is a restriction of watching only one video per day, and each video will make you earn coins. This option allows users to earn at least two Coins each, especially when there are running out of coins to reach the next level or to unlock a new item.

This Subway Surfers Hack is also an excellent way to earn keys. In the Home page, you will get options to receive three keys if you watch one video.

8. Keep Your Booster Upgraded

In Subway Surfers, you need to keep your Boosters upgraded to the latest as these are the ones that help in boosting up the speed of your game. Your next Subway Surfers Hack is to keep your boosters upgraded when you can afford it.

9. Earn as Many Coins As Possible In The Beginning

In this Subway Surfers cheats, it is recommended to earn as many coins as possible at the beginning of the game as it will help you in buying a higher amount of items from the start.

If you focus on earning a high amount of coins in the beginning, you will not need to put much effort into playing more levels. Using any Subway surfers unblocked mode, you might think that you can get unlimited coins to purchase more stuff. However, that is not a fact.

Also, if you play, more you will get further opportunity to make coins and keys. Save these items for your real need on the game. Spending coins for purchasing customising stuff is never a good idea.

10. Keep Grinding

Grinding is the next best Subway Surfers hack that can give you unlimited coins. The best way to score well is to keep practising the game again and again. All you need to do here is keep playing a level again and again so you can learn all the tricks about the game.

Through this Subway Surfers hack, you can quickly learn about the best ways to earn coins and unlock items and to become a pro. So it will be better to playing the levels again and again till it becomes familiar to you.

11. Subway Surfers Token Box

There are token boxes in the game that will give you some cool stuff as rewards. There Subway Surfers cheats are not known to many players as they are hidden in the Home page section. You need to go to the shop to get them.

12. Subway Surfer Daily Gifts

Daily Gifts are usual Subway Surfers cheats to get some score boosters. But the best part lies after you receive the reward. If you watch one promotional ad, you can get three Boosters free.

But when you are playing through Subway Surfers hack apk, never expect to get these daily rewards as well as ads to multiply your prizes.

Stay Away From Generators And MOD APK Sites

While searching out for how to hack subway surfer tricks and tips, many users end up into websites promising illegitimate sources of earning coins like Subway surfers mod apk which are nothing but fake websites intended to steal away the user’s personal data.

It is highly recommended to stay away from all these sources instead use only the legitimate hacks to enjoy a  fair game instead of using any Subway Surfers glitch and to always check the authenticity of the websites before entering any data into it.

Final Words

We have mentioned above all the possible legitimate sources of earning coins and gems in Subway Surfers. Other than that we strongly criticise the use of any Subway Surfers hacked versions and any other illegitimate sources.

If you want to enjoy the game entirely and for entertainment purposes, then use only the legitimate sources instead of using any Subway Surfers hack apk and enjoy each and every feature of the game.